Sweet Swaddlekins Book of 4 Easy Cloth Rag Doll Swaddle Baby Doll Patterns

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Author: Jane Bernardo

ISBN: 1720003025

Number Of Pages: 93

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 2018-09-11

Details: Welcome to Peekaboo Porch patterns where designing and making cloth rag dolls is our passion. We especially like to focus on easy cloth doll sewing patterns for beginners so we can introduce the world of doll making to kids and adults of all ages. A swaddle baby doll is a simple doll with a permanently attached blanket permanently attached blanket for hours of baby doll fun. Little ones love to wrap and unwrap swaddle baby dolls again and again. There are 4 original swaddle baby patterns included in this book. A list of all supplies needed is at the top of each pattern for your shopping convenience. Swaddle baby dolls are also a great way to use up those beloved scraps of fabric and trim to make a creation that will last for years to come. The Swaddle Baby is the easiest pattern and they progress in difficulty to the Piggy, then Swaddlekins and next Froggy. Each pattern is complete in its own section with step-by-step directions including diagrams and pictures of finished dolls. Peekaboo Porch Easy Cloth Rag Doll Patterns Are So Fun, You Can't Make Just One!

EAN: 9781720003021