Unicorn Print Homeschool Planner

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Author: Peachy Keen Products

Edition: 1

ISBN: 1723405310

Number Of Pages: 54

Publisher:  Peachy Keen Products

Release Date: 2018-07-29

Details: At Last! A Kid Friendly, Teacher - Mom Approved Homeschool Planner that does it all! Designed, used and tested by an experienced homeschool mom and certified teacher with a Master's degree in Special Needs, this homeschool planner is guaranteed to simplify your homeschool curriculum planning and required recordkeeping or your money back. No questions asked! This flexible Homeschooling Lesson Plan Book works with any curriculum or with multiple curriculums and teaching techniques. My Homeschool Planner is multi-purpose in order to simplify educational planning, daily assignments, recordkeeping and documentation so that you have more time to teach and enjoy your homeschool days and your time with your children and family. My Homeschool Planner has a dual purpose. Not only a lesson plan book for you, it is also designed to be used as an uncomplicated, interactive tool for you and your children to communicate about assignments, track task completion, and record academic performance during schooling on a daily basis. Because you fill out the daily assignments in the same interactive planner that you give your children, you save time and build independent workers simultaneously. Children know exactly what their required school tasks are for the day and they are accountable for getting them done. Check off completed assignments on the homeschool planner as you go or even write their grade right in the homeschool planner. If you are homeschooling more than one child, it helps keep children of different levels on track and working independently. Having their own copy of their assignments reduces the amount of questions to you of, “What’s my next assignment? What do I do next?” If children feel involved in their education and their assignments. My Homeschool Planners are kid friendly and come in a variety of colors and covers so that each child can pick their own interactive planner or so you can choose something personal for them. The front of the planner can be personalized with their name. Choosing an interactive planner in their favorite color or animal helps them to feel that they are contributing to the planning decisions and their education and that it is personalized to their preferences and needs. Knowing where to look for their assignments and exactly what is expected of them each day is very motivating. If you are homeschooling more than one child, it helps keep children of different levels on track and working independently. Each weekly planner will document attendance, curriculum, lesson plans, completed work and even grades, all in one place, for one student. If you are homeschooling more than one child you will need one My Homeschool Planner per child. Using their homeschool planner in an interactive way with you each day, for each assignment, builds the child’s confidence and enthusiasm for learning and empowers them to branch out and continue to learn on their own. You need to enjoy teaching and homeschooling without spending too much time on paperwork but still having the required documentation. My Homeschool Planner will help you keep records in an uncomplicated and organized way while still enjoying the flexibility of homeschooling. Try My Homeschool Planner today. You will love it! :o)

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