Handwriting without Tears Manuscript Beginner Kit with Slate, Chalk, Pencils, Flip Crayons, Sponge Cubes and Eraser HWOT Supplies Kit

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Yes! It does make a difference to use the HWT chalk, chalkboard and writing supplies. :o) Just like the entire curriculum, all Handwriting Without Tears hands-on supplies are specially created by occupational therapists to provide little hands with maximum benefit and ease. The slate, chalk, sponge bits, pencils and flip crayons are custom designed to provide learning without tears for children struggling with handwriting.

With this occupational-therapist-designed program, children with visual, perceptual, fine-motor and other processing problems learn to write neatly and legibly. What's the big deal? Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) utilizes a two-lined approach to handwriting, providing a simple but clearly successful style. This style is developmentally based, works for children of all abilities, is easy to teach and multi-sensory. Handwriting Without Tears is also "lefty" friendly and includes easy-to-learn steps for readiness, printing and cursive with both teacher and students manuals. Give your kids the chance to be successful writers. The HWT Slate Chalkboard is used to teach and or remediate capitals and numbers The smiley face at the top left corner reinforces top-to-bottom, left-to-right directionality Children learn to write capitals and numbers in a consistent size on the 4 x 6 inches, to teach correct sizing. Improved finger dexterity from using HWT chalk, sponge bits, pencils and flip crayons help to develop good pencil grip and improve penmanship.

**Please note the smoothness and small size of the chalk, pencils, sponge bits and crayons is purposeful and therapeutic. They are different from traditional school supplies for a reason. All items are designed to develop and increase necessary muscle strength in fingers and hands based on occupational therapy techniques.